March 09, 2006

Doctor-direct promotional items that meet PhRMA requirements

Pharmaceutical drug sales reps need to have a wide selection of memorable promotional items in order to comply with Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) guidelines, while still getting the impact and memorable effect (and orders!) they're after.

Promotions aimed at doctors is bigger than just big business. It's enormous business, as these 2003 figures show:

$2.6 billion: Sales
$483 million: Cost of promotions aimed at doctors
$1.8 billion: Sales
$499.8 million: Cost of promotions aimed at doctors
$935 million: Sales
$395.6 million: Cost of promotions aimed at doctors
Source: IMS Health, IMS National Sales Perspectives TM, 2/2005 and the Wall Street Journal
Article except from The San Francisco Chronicle

PhRMA limitations on promotional items are three-prong: there's a price cap (less than $100); the product must be beneficial to patients in some way; and it must directly enhance the practice of


A laser-engraved stainless steel soap dispenser easily meets PhRMA requirements and also marketing needs on all levels: extremely ad budget-friendly at less than $10 per unit; highly useful; good value perception; great staying power. Hand sanitizer gels are also excellent as promotional items on all counts, and they have the added factor of convenience. You can use them anywhere – in the doctor's office, at the nurse's desk, in the reception area, mobile units, and so on.

From stethoscopes to calculators that assess everything from BMI to dosage to risk ratios, has the perfect promotional products for your campaign.

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