February 24, 2006

Trade Shows Call for Memorable Promotional Products

In case you've forgotten, trade shows are important. An article at AllBusiness tells you why:

1.an estimated 110 million people attend more than 4,000 shows in the United States and Canada every year -- and those numbers are increasing;

2.Most show-goers are there because they have some influence on purchasing. They want to see how your product works and what it looks like while evaluating the competition.

Promotional products are an expected feature at trade shows. They also play an important role in creating buzz about your company and in helping people to remember you and your service or product line. That means you'll have to give some thought as to how to make the give-away somehow relatable to your business, memorable and unique – hopefully one that will entice show-goers to stop and spend some time with you.

Let's say you're in the fine field of finance, offering money-saving bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses. And let's say your promotional gift is a shiny gold-plated gold bar shaped savings bank – with your company name and contact information engraved on top (of course!). It does the job quite well:

• it's a humorous, visual reminder that your business is to save others money;
• it's also a useful attention-getting item that can sit on an office or home desk, with your name seen every time a stray coin is dropped in.

By the way, according to the article, you should "place…give-away items at the back of your booth space so interested attendees will have to come inside to get them."

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January 17, 2006

Best New Promotional Product - PPAI Las Vegas

LED Scrolling Badges from Corporate Key won the best new promotional product at the PPAI Promotional Product Convention in Las Vegas. All attendees were given a chance to vote for their favorite new promotional product at the New Products Pavilion.


Corporate Key is an innovative promotional product supplier of Hi-Tech Promotional Products. Give http://FarFromBoring.com a call 866-3641012 or visit or promotional product site for this and other innovative marketing ideas.

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July 05, 2005

Get Carried away with the Bags and Totes

Sales are in the bag with these carry-all products.

In today's world, where convenience is king, having the right bag to get a person through the day is important. As a result, many bags and totes vendors have redesigned their lines and are reporting positive gains in orders and sales.

Steve Gelernter, national sales manager at Leed's, New Kensington, Pa., noted that trade shows, the primary market for bags and totes, saw a significant decline just a few short years ago, but he reported that sales are now rebounding.

Other companies agreed with Gelernter's positive sales assessment. "March 2005 was the best month in our company's history," said Christopher Duffy, vice president of marketing at Bag Makers, Union, Ill. "Because of an upswing in the economy, more purchase orders are opening up, as well as more quotes for larger quantities. We're closing more of those larger orders, which makes us very optimistic."

More than a Commodity

Because bags and totes are not seasonal items and they have a general appeal, it's easy to find products that will work for a varied audience, including men, women and children of all ages.

And, unlike promotional products that are suitable for one-time event use or are easily lost or disregarded, there's more of a likelihood that end-users will carry a bag around indefinitely, increasing a company's brand exposure. "It's not just a one-shot opportunity," said Laura Gaulke, marketing specialist at Neely Manufacturing, Seymour, Iowa. "Bags are very utilitarian; most people are always open to receiving one as a gift and finding a use for it."

According to Duffy, this distinction between gift giving and traditional giveaways is substantial. "Gift giving has a higher perceived value," he explained. "Our distributors are actually getting an opportunity to up-sell bags as add-on sales because they can convince their customers that recipients will remember a gift better."

The market has seen bags evolve from a basic commodity to much more. For example, Bag Makers' The Ultimate Bag was designed with multiple features to enhance functionality during trade shows, as well as continued use long after the event is over. "We built it specifically based on needs," said Duffy. "Most bags have two handles or straps, and when end-users wear those on their shoulders, they can't get into the bag. So, we just used one strap and made it adjustable, so it fits everyone."

The bag also has an outside pouch designed to hold notepads and trade show directories, as well as two holders for business cards (incoming and outgoing), and a pocket for a mobile phone or water bottle.

Then there is the Eclipse Backpack Tote from Leed's, which is anything but the run-of-the-mill trade show tote. The modern-looking bag has a shoulder strap that doubles as a traditional backpack.


The Eclipse Backpack Tote also has two outside pockets that can accommodate promotional products, such as pads and organizers, and there are pen loops that are suitable for pens with custom messages and logos. "We try to add design and style to the piece so that it has a lasting effect, and the client gets more of an annuity for brand recognition," said Gelernter.

Tote Trends

One of the latest trends in bags and totes is a shift toward importing. "Practically everyone—even companies that have traditionally been domestic manufacturers—is importing bags at this point," said Gaulke, who has studied the bags market extensively. "The quality of imports has improved drastically over the last decade. People have a higher bar of what kinds of features, options, and bells and whistles that they can have on a product for the price."

These days, bright colors have become popular, according to Duffy. "We see that bright colors do well because people want a little flash," he said.

According to Gaulke, pink is currently a hot color for bags. "We get a lot of people asking for it, and surprisingly, it is one of the top new colors," she noted. "That is definitely a trend that we've picked up on."

Gaulke cited programs such as breast cancer awareness as primary reasons for why pink has received a recent boost in popularity. "Awareness programs have become really big, with ribbons representing all of the different causes," she said.

Neely Manufacturing responded to the interest by expanding its denier nylon string backpack to include 12 exciting colors—one to suit any cause or event.

Gaulke added that the backpack is also a favorite among athletes and sporting goods stores. In fact, the bag's versatility makes it easy to sell to just about any market. And, as with all promotional products, versatility equals success.

By Dave McGurgan

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June 29, 2005

Trade Show Success - Staff is Key

Achieving your trade show objectives depends in large part on your show staff. You need to take just the right people and that may or may not be your top salespeople.
Show staffers need to be able to engage people quickly in a way that draws them into meaningful conversations. Staffers cannot approach show attendees the way they handle a typical sales call. And even though trade show attendees are usually looking for detailed information about products, a typical "how are you" greeting gives them the out to just smile and keep on walking.
After you choose you’re most people-oriented and high-energy staff spends some time training them. They need to develop and practice drawing people into conversations. They need to be deeply knowledgeable about your products and services so be sure your training covers all the products and services they would need to know about even if they aren't part of their normal sales.
Train them about your pre-show promotions and show giveaways.
Be sure to include them in the receiving of a few show giveaways, but use products specifically chosen to support sales incentives. Choose products that go with your show theme, the venue or your show goals.
In addition to pumping up staff before they go, fire them up right at the show with pillow gifts distributed in their hotel rooms. With over 1,000,000 promotional products to choose from, Farfromboring Promotions can help you find the perfect items for your next trade show giveaway or employee incentive

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Don't forget the folks back home

There's more than sales staff involved in preparing for a trade show. How well you do at the show depends in part on many people involved in the preparation for a show and those involved in the follow-up afterwards.
Be sure to include them in the show gear up and distribute imprinted incentives to them as well. Treat them like the valuable members of the team that they are and you'll surely find greater success from your trade shows.

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June 10, 2005

Business Card Notebook - Promotional Product

We've got the solution for getting your business card noticed, getting your phone to ring, and for keeping your business card in front of your client for a long time! Your card won't get lost in a drawer or thrown away...Your client will use your card every day! And, they will show your Business Card Note Pad to others!

When was the last time you heard someone say? "I like your business card." Or "This is a really clever idea. Where did you get these?"

The Business Card Note Pad, by EMBA creates the all-important first impression to potential clients and customers. And...it's a first impression that lasts a long, long time!

Using your existing business card for the front of the note pad, we spiral bind your card to a 40-sheet pad with a calendar-at-a-glance on the back side. The note pad fits conveniently in purse, pocket, sun visor, or briefcase. It's a great place to jot down a phone number or a quick idea. Even in these days of electronic organizers, believe it or not, a piece of paper still comes in handy!

Great as a "giveaway" or as your business card itself!

What's involved?

We know what you're thinking! Whenever you hear about an innovative idea like this it somehow turns into a project far more complicated than organizing the Superbowl half-time show...with or without Janet Jackson! Your printer gets the wrong color specification or someone forgets to check your phone number and your clients end up calling some weirdo in Billings, Montana instead of you! Well...since your business cards are already printed, there's nothing that can go wrong!


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June 02, 2005

Trade Show Ideas


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