January 24, 2006

Corporate Logoed Wearables

Whether you call them uniforms, corporate logo wear, embroidered shirts or just company logoed apparel, you can bet corporate visibility is high on the priority list of most organizations. Creating corporate unity or brand awareness has always been a high priority for all businesses and by utilizing company wearables you can achieve both. Corporate logo wear allows your employees to be walking billboards and at the same time gives a sense of corporate unity. With over 10,000 imprintable apparel styles, Farfromboring Promotions is sure to have the right look for you. Imprint or embroider on a shirt, hat, jacket, sweatshirt, or T-shirt for your next company event or meeting and wear your company logo proudly. At Farfromboring Promotions we have you covered!


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July 30, 2005


FarFromBoring Promotions launched their new site to help end your search for promotional products. We will be updating the site on a daily basis with new promotional products, unique promotional products, and promotional product specials.

Be sure to check http://FarFromBoring.com for all of your promotional needs and also our Promotionl Product Blog for articles on promotional prodcuts, specials on promotional products, the hottest promotional products, promotional products for your industry and whats gong on at


If you need a cool logo for your company to put on your promotional products visit our partner at www.logomagic.com

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July 29, 2005

Promotional products help bring out the best in employees

"Employee motivation is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today," wrote John Correll on his Web site, www. correllconcepts.com. Correll, founder of Correll Consulting, a Michigan-based company that provides strategic planning and consulting services to businesses, continued, "The fundamental question is, how exactly do we motivate employees to do their jobs the way they're supposed to be done, while enjoying it?"

In an effort to answer the question, several manufacturers provided case histories on various products that have proven effective in getting employees moving.

Audra Dahlgren, marketing director at St. Paul, Minnesota-based Crystal D, said that the company has provided products to various industries that have helped them achieve this goal. One such product is Crystal D's Superstar paperweight. It was used by a bank to increase the number of services customers used by 20 percent.

To kick off the three-month program, Dahlgren said, tellers were given the paperweight as a reminder to sell extra services. Sales increases made by each teller were monitored electronically to determine the top performers. At the end of the program, the branch employee with the highest increase in sales received the small Royal Star Award, and the top-selling teller was given the large Royal Star Award. "The tellers sold a record number of services, and the number of new accounts rose by 10 percent," Dahlgren said. "Management deemed the pilot program a success, and it is now a standard part of internal operations."

A slightly different challenge was presented to Howard Miller, a high-end clock manufacturer based in Zeeland, Mich. According to Michele Jennrich, sales representative, a leading insurance company was looking for a creative way to motivate its sales force. The theme "Time for Home Owners" was used in the campaign.

Jennrich explained that three different levels could be achieved by selling a specific number of homeowner policies. Sales representatives that qualified in each level received one of a variety of clocks. And, at the end of the campaign, the top performers were awarded a Chateau, Ashley or Jonathan grandfather clock. The total value of the promotion surpassed $90,000.

For companies that want a relatively easy but effective way to motivate employees, gift catalogs are worth considering, according to Scott Sodikoff, director of marketing and business development at Certif-A-Gift, Arlington Heights, Ill. His company was presented with the challenge of helping a bank grow incremental deposits, particularly business checking and savings deposits, by $150 million.

Teams of financial center managers, business bankers and commercial account managers participated in the campaign, titled "What's the Big Deal?" Each team was assigned a specific deposit goal, which included the normal balance growth for a similar period and their piece of the incremental growth required for the campaign. Team members who achieved their goals were awarded a gift catalog valued at either $150 or $250. Approximately 60 percent of team members received catalogs.

To further motivate its employees, Sodikoff said, the bank implemented an end-of-campaign drawing for teams that achieved their deposit goal, as well as check card penetration of 70 percent. Six teams were drawn, and each member received an additional gift catalog valued at $1,000 for the deposit goal, as well as a $250 gift catalog for check card penetration. Sodikoff said that the campaign was successful—achieving 122 percent of its goal. "The catalogs have proven to be very effective in generating the enthusiasm required for a successful campaign," he said.

The Road to Success

Correll also wrote, "Employee motivation is the vital ingredient to overcoming business problems, achieving business progress and realizing business goals."

And, to assist distributors with helping their clients do just that, Dahlgren offered a three-point selling system. "Distributors must first ask the recognition planner why the person or team is worthy of recognition," she recommended. "Understanding the purpose behind a recognition event will help distributors suggest products that will be symbolic to the recipients."

Dahlgren also encouraged distributors to ask the recognition planner for some basic information about the recipients. "Find out how recipients prefer to be recognized," she advised. "Going the extra mile to personalize the event to recipients' preferences will create lasting memories for them."

Finally, Dahlgren said that distributors should ask the recognition planner about his or her vision for the event. "Recognition planners typically have a mental image of the event or occasion, and an in-depth understanding of the organization's culture."

Whether a company wants to motivate its sales staff or its kitchen staff, incorporating the right promotional products will get the job done. "Typically, motivation programs repeat year after year," Dahlgren said, "and when they are done right, they can become a great source of income."

By Cynthia T. Graham

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July 25, 2005

Logo Recognition reigns supreme

A well know soft drink companies name is the second most recognized word in the World! How did they do it? A great product, a cool logo and promotion, promotion, promotion!

Farfromboring promotions Inc. has been a well known advertising specialty company for many years. When we needed a character logo to portray our image we went to the best logo design company, Logomajic.com. Their recognizable portfolio of quality logos and helpful staff made our decision to use Logomagic.com and easy one.

“My job is to help our clients grow their business by using the most unique promotional products we can find. Creating the most unique logos is an entirely different skill set. Rick Waters, CEO of LogoMagic.com has a proven formula in this space and we are very pleased to be working with them” Robert Stillman, Vice President, Farfromboring Promotions Inc.

They are not called LogoMagic for nothing



To see more examples of the Magic visit www.logomagic.com or give them a call at 1-800-373-LOGO

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July 13, 2005

Poker Promotional Products

Poker is taking the Nation by Storm. Want to give a Promotional Product that your employees or clients will use over and over? A Promotional Poker set might just be the way to go.


Farfromboring has all of your promotional products covered. We have plenty of ideas to make your next promotion a success!

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July 05, 2005

Get Carried away with the Bags and Totes

Sales are in the bag with these carry-all products.

In today's world, where convenience is king, having the right bag to get a person through the day is important. As a result, many bags and totes vendors have redesigned their lines and are reporting positive gains in orders and sales.

Steve Gelernter, national sales manager at Leed's, New Kensington, Pa., noted that trade shows, the primary market for bags and totes, saw a significant decline just a few short years ago, but he reported that sales are now rebounding.

Other companies agreed with Gelernter's positive sales assessment. "March 2005 was the best month in our company's history," said Christopher Duffy, vice president of marketing at Bag Makers, Union, Ill. "Because of an upswing in the economy, more purchase orders are opening up, as well as more quotes for larger quantities. We're closing more of those larger orders, which makes us very optimistic."

More than a Commodity

Because bags and totes are not seasonal items and they have a general appeal, it's easy to find products that will work for a varied audience, including men, women and children of all ages.

And, unlike promotional products that are suitable for one-time event use or are easily lost or disregarded, there's more of a likelihood that end-users will carry a bag around indefinitely, increasing a company's brand exposure. "It's not just a one-shot opportunity," said Laura Gaulke, marketing specialist at Neely Manufacturing, Seymour, Iowa. "Bags are very utilitarian; most people are always open to receiving one as a gift and finding a use for it."

According to Duffy, this distinction between gift giving and traditional giveaways is substantial. "Gift giving has a higher perceived value," he explained. "Our distributors are actually getting an opportunity to up-sell bags as add-on sales because they can convince their customers that recipients will remember a gift better."

The market has seen bags evolve from a basic commodity to much more. For example, Bag Makers' The Ultimate Bag was designed with multiple features to enhance functionality during trade shows, as well as continued use long after the event is over. "We built it specifically based on needs," said Duffy. "Most bags have two handles or straps, and when end-users wear those on their shoulders, they can't get into the bag. So, we just used one strap and made it adjustable, so it fits everyone."

The bag also has an outside pouch designed to hold notepads and trade show directories, as well as two holders for business cards (incoming and outgoing), and a pocket for a mobile phone or water bottle.

Then there is the Eclipse Backpack Tote from Leed's, which is anything but the run-of-the-mill trade show tote. The modern-looking bag has a shoulder strap that doubles as a traditional backpack.


The Eclipse Backpack Tote also has two outside pockets that can accommodate promotional products, such as pads and organizers, and there are pen loops that are suitable for pens with custom messages and logos. "We try to add design and style to the piece so that it has a lasting effect, and the client gets more of an annuity for brand recognition," said Gelernter.

Tote Trends

One of the latest trends in bags and totes is a shift toward importing. "Practically everyone—even companies that have traditionally been domestic manufacturers—is importing bags at this point," said Gaulke, who has studied the bags market extensively. "The quality of imports has improved drastically over the last decade. People have a higher bar of what kinds of features, options, and bells and whistles that they can have on a product for the price."

These days, bright colors have become popular, according to Duffy. "We see that bright colors do well because people want a little flash," he said.

According to Gaulke, pink is currently a hot color for bags. "We get a lot of people asking for it, and surprisingly, it is one of the top new colors," she noted. "That is definitely a trend that we've picked up on."

Gaulke cited programs such as breast cancer awareness as primary reasons for why pink has received a recent boost in popularity. "Awareness programs have become really big, with ribbons representing all of the different causes," she said.

Neely Manufacturing responded to the interest by expanding its denier nylon string backpack to include 12 exciting colors—one to suit any cause or event.

Gaulke added that the backpack is also a favorite among athletes and sporting goods stores. In fact, the bag's versatility makes it easy to sell to just about any market. And, as with all promotional products, versatility equals success.

By Dave McGurgan

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June 28, 2005

If you hate when your pen leaks on your pants...

Switchback Pen - Pink

In the closed postion, our Switchback Pen is safe to carry. Just unfold the handle and the Switchback Pen is ready to write!

Pricing :
250 500 1000 2500

1.79 1.63 1.56 1.49 (4c)

Call Farfromboring 561-999-9097 for this or other Farfromboring promotional products to promote your business.

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June 21, 2005

Everyone loves receiving a card

Sending a card is a great way to stay in front of your clients and should be on the top of your list when deciding where to spend your promotions budget. Obviously, we want to wish all of our clients a warm Holiday Season and a happy New Year, but what about the rest of the year?


Business Promotional Holiday Cards

There are other holidays like the 4Th of July that can be a great way to reach out to clients during the long summer months or Thanksgiving which is a favorite to many. Let’s not forget a thank you card or a general customer appreciation campaign.


Thanksgiving Holiday Business Cards

Sending a card is an inexpensive way to let your customers know you are thinking of them and a promotional product that lets you say whatever you want without the limitations of having to fit it into a line or space designated for a logo only. So this year when you are thinking of a promotional item with a personal touch, think about sending a card. No matter what the occasion or reasons to reach out to your clients, everyone loves receiving a card.

View all Promotional Greeting and Holiday Cards

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June 09, 2005

DVD Business Cards

What better way to promote your business then DVD business cards.


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June 06, 2005

Jersey Insulators - Promotional Products

Not only keep your customers cool and refreshed this summer but keep their beverages cool also. These Jersey insulators are a perfect way to advertise your company all around town and the beach. Give Farfromboring Promotions a call 561-999-9097 for this or other great promotional products.


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May 17, 2005

Everybody Loves a Slinky - Promotional Products


Slinky's make the perfect promotional product for your next event or promotion.

Pricing as low as $2.42

Call FarFromboing 561-999-9097 or visit promotional products for this and other promotional product ideas.

Slinky Story
One of the most famous toys in history originated in a meter for testing horsepower on battle ships. As World War II raged on in 1943, marine engineer Richard James worked at his desk in Philadelphia's Cramp Shipyard. It was a routine day, but a harmless mishap forever changed the life of James and his wife Betty and sowed the seed that produced the immortal Slinky®.

A torsion spring used in a testing meter fell off James' desk and tumbled end over end across the floor. James took it home to Betty that evening and said, "I think I can make a toy out of this." This he did by devising a steel formula that allowed the spring to "walk".

This accomplished, Betty thumbed through the dictionary for a fitting name for the toy and found it in Slinky®, which was defined as "stealthy, sleek and sinuous". In 1945, Richard and Betty used a $500 loan to pay a company for manufacturing a small quantity of Slinks and an attempt was made to sell it through retail outlets in Philadelphia.

However, with no name recognition, the spring didn’t sell. It just sat on the counter. As Christmas neared, Gimbels Department Store agreed to provide counter space for 400 Slinkys and Richard James went down ahead of Betty to demonstrate the toy. It was a snowy evening, and the Jameses feared the worst, but when Betty arrived at Gimbels, she spotted a mob of people with dollars in their hands, and they were gathered around the Slinky® display. Within 90 minutes all 400 Slinkys were sold, and the rest is toy history.

A factory was established in Philadelphia and Richard quit his job at the shipyard to devote full time to the Slinky®, which was the hit of the 1946 American Toy Fair in New York City. During the 1950's business boomed, but Richard James' life took a course that led to his going to South America in 1960.

Left with the responsibility of six children and now a floundering business, Betty James began a rebirth of the Slinky dream by relocating the factory to her hometown of Hollidaysburg, a small town adjacent to Altoona. By 1960, Betty had a unique co-op advertising plan in full swing, aided by the production of a "jingle" that is still the sound behind Slinky® television commercials.

Slinky® sales continued to increase through the years and a number of new items were added to the James Industries line of toys. In 1990, a national survey by a publication revealed that 89.8 percent of the people in America knew what a Slinky was or were familiar with the jingle.

Purchased in 1998 by Poof Products, a leading American toy company, Slinky® is firmly entrenched as one of the leading staples of the toy industry and is one of America’s most recognized brand names.

Other milestones include:

The Discovery and History Channels selected Slinky as one of the top 10 toys of the 20th Century.
The U.S. Postal Service honored Slinky on a 1999 commemorative stamp.
Slinky participated on a NASA space mission.
Over 300 million Slinkys have been sold.

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