July 15, 2006

A Bang for Your Buck: Fourth of July Promotions

Tying promotional products with big holidays is a solid marketing technique. With the nation preparing for its annual holiday spent outdoors with friends and family, you’re presented with a ready-made and explosive word-of-mouth opportunity!

Think cottage and country; barbeques and pick-up ball games; swimming pools and parties. Send out a “Happy Birthday, America” card to everyone on your mailing list, and tuck in a football-shaped beach ball as your free gift. Promote your medical supply business with a free gift of Sport Guard – a sweat and water resistant SPF 30 sunblock packaged in durable, twist-off packets. Lycra swimming caps (the ones that don’t pull your hair off) are extremely useful items for schools, and in summer camps, health centers and hotels.

If it’s a company picnic you’re targeting, make the employees’ kids happy with a Deluxe 6-foot “Celebrate America” firecracker. Doubling as a holiday display, this great promotional product is filled with 90% licensed and name brand toys including Disney, Scooby Doo, Power Puff Girls, Marvel super heroes, Winnie the Pooh, NASCAR, and Spiderman specifically selected based upon gender balance and play value for 4-10 year olds.

For purely patriotic, reflective Action-Bands might fit your bill. Used as an arm band or napkin ring, the extremely economical 4-color imprint topper can be designed with our own star-spangled banner or other appropriate symbol of American liberty and independence: the eagle, the Statue of Liberty or simply those three big letters “USA”.

Call http://FarFromBoring.com 561-999-9097 for all of your Holiday Promotional Product needs.

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May 29, 2006

Tie-in promotionals for Father’s Day

Fifteen percent of $9 billion is some good change, and that’s how much web-based retailers can expect to reap this Father’s Day, according to BIGresearch and the National Retail Federation (NRF).

In an article by imediaconnection, NRF President Tracy Mullin says that "because retailers across all channels and formats have something to gain from Father's Day spending, we expect the holiday to be quite promotional this year."

E-retailers need to make it easier than easy for the growing numbers of online shoppers to choose their product or service. This is especially true when it comes to traditional annual events like June 18th which is a designated observation (i.e., easier to forget) rather than a personal celebration like a birthday or anniversary.

Product quality aside, consumers look time-saving convenience. One such promotional method is to send helpful e-reminders to past customers about the upcoming event; another is to ensure that all shipments in the weeks prior to Father’s Day include special gift ideas together with a magnetic-backed coupon case with coupons.

pizza ties

You may consider pizza ties slightly over the top, but you’ve gotta admit: it’s a great “tie-in”!

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Travel promo: give ‘em gas

State tourism departments, travel agencies, amusement parks, hotels and other tourist-dependent services around the country are noting a drop-off in spring and summer reservations this year. Cancellations are also up. The reason is ever-rising gas prices, making road-trips and camping vacations too expensive for many would-be travelers.

One Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) in Montana is fighting for those all-important tourist dollars by offering gas debit cards. Along with the usual travel-package coupons for discounts on everything from lodging to restaurants and attractions, the debit cards (worth up to $50) are being used as a further enticement for vacationers.

By directly addressing the problem of high gas prices that’s keeping people close to home this summer, debit card issuers are hoping to sustain healthy tourist numbers. The theory? Once vacationers get to their destination, the tourist dollars will be spent.

Those in the travel industry who ignore the very real issue of soaring gas prices (affecting travelers driving to and from the resort area as well as those simply exploring the region) may be hit doubly hard: by the high gas prices and by savvy tourist-based businesses that promote tourism by using gas debit cards.

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August 08, 2005

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Using to promotional products to promote you business and a important issue is always a great idea. Get your business or employees ready for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with these or other great promotional products from http://FarFromBoring.com
or give us a call at 561-999-9097


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August 03, 2005

Halloween Promotional Product Idea

Halloween is coming right around the corner and it is not to early to start planning for your Halloween event. For these and other great ideas visit our promotional product site.


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July 11, 2005

Need some Unique Reasons to promote your business or product

Be Kind To Editors And Writers Month. Always one of our favorite months, “Be Kind To Editors And Writers Month” gives you the chance to show your appreciation to writers employed by your company or ones that help your business. Think stylish pens or pencils, notepads, desk accessories and more.

Fall Hat Month. Time to put away those sun visors and dig out something a little more sturdy. Try outfitting employees with felt or fabric hats in rich fall colors, or have a contest for best hat. Over 16,000 different hat styles are available through your promotional consultant; we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your needs.

September 1-7: National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. Each year, 20.6 million children are injured, with 22,000 of them dying from injury and 60,000 becoming permanently disabled. And these injuries rack up $347 billion in health care bills. The “As Safe As Possible Campaign” claims that 90% of unintentional injuries are preventable through proper education, simple detection and correction, so each year it sponsors National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. You can help your customers and employees reduce unintentional childhood injuries through educational materials and safety devices, such as reflectors, swim rings, bath-temperature gauges, electrical outlet covers and more. For more information, visit www.assafeaspossible.org.

September 6: Do It! Day (aka Fight Procrastination Day). Have a project that you just haven’t had the inspiration to start? How about vows of getting holiday shopping done early? No matter what you’re putting off, today’s the perfect day to get started. Help employees and customers do the same with funny or inspirational products.

September 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day. Ever since the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean, it seems that pirates are enjoying a newfound popularity. Capitalize on it by planning a fun event featuring pirate-themed items like eye patches or plush parrots. Or how about a talk like a pirate contest where the winners get their own skull-and-crossbones foam hat or, even better, a treasure of gold-foil-covered chocolate coins?

September 22: American Business Women’s Day. Between 1950 and 1998 the percentage of women participating in the workforce jumped from 34% of all women in 1950 to 60% in 1998. Consequently, women’s visibility and influence at work has grown too. Use today to celebrate the history of working women and the contributions they’ve made.

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June 23, 2005

Make It A Date To Remember

Thousands of organizations and Presidential Proclamations set aside specific days, weeks and months for, political, cultural and historical events and causes. Many of these occasions offer you an opportunity to promote your business, organization or product.
August 14th is International Nagging Day
Create sales promotions around the nagging theme
• Since it is International Nagging Day, create a promotion centered around an appropriate typical nag for your intended recipients and have it translated into several different languages for example, if it's "honey, did you take the trash out yet?" you might use imprinted miniature trash cans. If it's "wash behind your ears" you might use imprinted wash cloths. If it's "Do your homework" you might use imprinted pencils in either normal size or giant size.
• Another approach might be to go right at the nagging theme. "I hate to nag you about your next order, so I'm letting my mother do it" and use an appropriate picture of a nagging looking mother on say a mouse pad or coffee mug. Or, maybe, "since it's International Nagging Day I didn't want you to feel left out." And fill in the nag that's appropriate to your audience and your goal for the promotion.
Some other August designations that might be of interest to you are:
National Inventor's Month
August 6th: National Fresh Breath Day
August 7th: National KidsDay
August 19th: National Aviation Day
August 21st: Poet's Day
September is National Baby Safety Month
Create consumer oriented or B2B promotions
• For B2B promotions use baby oriented items in a direct mail campaign geared toward letting clients and prospects know how safe their business is with your company or how you'll baby them or how you'll take care of their baby
• For consumer oriented businesses, draw traffic or potential customer attention with baby safety related items.
Some other September designations that might be of interest to you are:
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Month
Library Card Sign-Up Month
September 4th: Newspaper Carrier Day
September 11th: Patriot Day/Anniversary of Attack on America
September 17th: Citizenship Day
September 25th: Family Health and Fitness Day
September 27th: World Tourism Day
October 9th – 15th is Fire Prevention Week
• Team up with a local fire company to help them host an open house. Send imprinted pencils, fire hats, etc., home with local school children to announce it. Also use logoed giveaways at the event.
• Send out some type of miniature fire fighting equipment (maybe even just a miniature bucket) with sales copy touting how hot your products are that they might cause a fire.
• Create a direct mail campaign with imprinted items carrying your logo and fire prevention tips as a good will gesture
Some other designations for October that you might be interested in are:
National Crime Prevention Month
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Popcorn Poppin' Month
October 9th - 15th: National Metric Week
October 9th - 15th: National School Lunch Week
October 9th: Leif Erickson Day
October 15th: Sweetest Day
October 17th: National Boss Day

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June 15, 2005

4th of July pride

Have a Farfromboring 4TH

Its that time of year to show our American pride. What a great opportunity to tie in a company promotion. Weather it’s a Red White and Blue Company picnic or a stars and stripes themed corporate promotion. The Fourth of July is one of the best times of year to show others how proud you are of your country, your company and your employees. Make this Fourth of July a summer celebration your customers will not soon forget. Weather you choose to have company Magnets made with your logo over an American flag or a beach cooler give away (red, white and blue of course) that every employee and customer would be proud to use all year long. Give Farfromboring Promotions a call and let us help you make this a 4th of July celebration/promotion your company, customers and you will remember all year long.


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June 09, 2005

More 4th of July Promotional products

Here are some more great promotional product ideas for the 4th of July.


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June 07, 2005

4th of July Promotional Products Idea


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May 19, 2005

Make your 4th of July Sale a Bang with these Promotional Items

Start planning today for your Big 4th of July sale with these Great Promotional Product Ideas. Give us a call at 561-999-9097 for these and thousands of other 4th of July promotional product ideas.


Promotional 4th of July Keyring - As low as $1.15


Promotional 4th of July Pen - As low as $1.28


Promotional 4th of July Flex Spring - As low as $1.60


Promotional Product Map Stress Reliever - As low as $2.00


Promotional 4th of July Beach Ball - As low as $1.68


Promotional Patriotic Jersey Bottle Holder - As low as $3.49

Call Us Today 561-999-9097 or visit us at http://FarFromBoring.com

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May 17, 2005

Your customers will keep cool this summer


You will be on your customers mind all summer long with this very coool promotional item.
Product No.: 18512

70D PVC, Insulated, Waterproof liner
Size: 8” W x 10” H x 5” D
Details: Holds 12, 12 oz cans – Tall enough 20 oz. Bottles – Adjustable shoulder strap – Large front zipper pocket with gusset
• Colors: Tan, Black, Burgundy, Pink, Kelly Green, Lime, Forest Green, Navy, Orange, Red, Royal, Blue, Purple, Gray, Teal, Sun Yellow, Athletic Gold
Imprint area: 5” W x 5” H

As low as $5.95

Give us a call today 561-999-9097 or visit us for other FarFromBoring Promotional Products http://FarFromBoring.com

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