December 13, 2005

USB Flash Drive with Laser Pointer

The latest in computer storage technology is one of the most unique promotional products found today. Not only is it ideal for trade shows, conferences and meetings, but it is also one of the most useful items for any multi-tasking professional.


You can copy your presentation material to the USB Flash Drive section, plug it into any computer's USB Port and use the other end as a high intensity laser pointer. The product comes in a variety of memory sizes to accommodate any type of presentation. The 3-in-1 jump drive, laser, and pen is a convenient tool for carrying your work fom home to office, or from meeting to meeting.

Many of our clients have used this item for their own promotions, and are so pleased with the perceived value, that they continually reorder for future promotions.

For more information on this jump drive/laser/pen

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December 02, 2005

Leave the Details To Us

Morning Karen ...
Received my order yesterday ... "Excellent Job" ... Very happy with the product ... You do good work ... Tks ...
I will highly recommend you / Farfromboring to others ... As I have done already ...Frank Paul.

This testimonial was sent by Frank Paul, Specialist in Cigar Roller Events. He contacted us, looking for pens to hand out to potential customers. I explained to him that leaving people with gifts is a great idea, but handing out a pen would be useless, unless it tied into his business in some way. I suggested he purchase pens, shaped and designed just like cigars. We also were able to gift box each pen in a beautiful wooden cigar box. It now tied into his business wonderfully, and is such a unique promotional item that customers will truly remember and appreciate.

If you have interest in promoting your business, and have no idea how to do so, contact us. We have a very creative team of promotional product advisors that can help create a unique successful promotion for your business. Leave the details up to us for your next project.

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November 17, 2005

Above and Beyond

Dear Farfromboring,

I was desperate in my search for a particular product I needed. Other companies were not helpful nor willing to assist me in my search. When I contacted Karen Luther, she went out of her way to obtain the product when she really didn't have to. This is really appreciated and I hope I can continue doing business with a company that employs such a person who will go above and beyond to satisfy a customer.

Marge Johnson
Perham, MN

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