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April 18, 2006


Are you looking for a promotional product that is sure to be used and remembered? Think safety. As we approach the summer vacation season, there couldn't be a better time to address vehicle safety. Farfromboring Promotions offers a wide variety of auto safety and emergency-related promotional products. Consider the Travel Adventures Highway Kit. This all-purpose kit includes everything a stranded driver needs: 8-foot booster cables, a tire inflator/sealer, a flashlight, 2 D batteries (not inserted), a safety cone, and a distress flag. This kit would make a great promotion for car dealers or auto repair shops, or for any safety-minded organization.
Trav Adv Kit.jpg

Check out the Travel Adventures Highway Kit and other safety-oriented promotional products at http://FarFromBoring.com, or email us at sharon@http://FarFromBoring.com, or call Sharon at 1-561-999-9097 x113.

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April 07, 2006

Let the Promotional Games Begin!

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) sees good news for the gaming industry in the findings of its latest study, which revealed that while only 11% of teens spend 10 hours or more per week playing console or PC games, one-third of adult gamers are playing at least that long.

CEA's Industry Analyst, Steve Koenig, says this information means that "a huge opportunity exists for retailers through the popularity of gaming "although there are differences between the gamers: the PC dominates the adult game market, but teens spend more time on game consoles. Additionally, the study showed portable gaming to be decidedly more popular with teens than adults. Only 25% of adult gamers who own a portable game device have used it in the past six months compared with 77% of teens.

This information can be used for promotional products in marketing campaigns. If you're targeting adults (whether in hi-tech industry or computers, computer products, accessories and games), a promotional item like the portable USB memory stick with 16MB - 2G storage capacity is certain to capture interest. The device is for everyday use to store, backup and transfer data, and your non-erasable advertisements are broadcast automatically each time it's plugged into a computer.

Teens will definitely get a kick out of the Joystick - FM autoscan radio with transparent stick. Just press the stick to turn on the radio and the transparent stick will be illuminated. Cool.

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Imaginative Promotional Products and Approaches

Maine wants out-of-state students for their universities, and is launching a $400,000 marketing campaign designed to increase student enrollment, reports BangorNewsCom.

It's interesting that several long-term effects are calculated in the cost of the promotion: not only does the higher tuition paid by out-of-state students helps cover the cost of maintaining high quality public universities, but because a certain percentage of these students will remain after graduation, Maine's economy will benefit; furthermore, the state will reach its goal to increase the number of residents with a college degree.

The promotional items being used are print brochures, posters and catalogues and which will be mailed to potential students and school guidance counselors. This fairly standard and conservative direct mail approach could easily be made more exciting (and thus memorable) by:

* emblazoning the envelope with the attention-grabbing message GIFT ENCLOSED
* including a highly useful student calendar on a magnetic wipe-off board with dry board black ink marker

It's the AIDA principles hard at work here: get their Attention, arouse their Interest, stimulate their Desire, and Ask for Action.

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Nurse's Week Promotional Products

Nurse's Week is May 6-12. Take time to show your appreciation to the nurse's that help all of us. Whether you are a doctor, a medical staffing company, a hospital or a school; let those nurses know that they are a vital part of our world with a token of appreciation. We have many promotional items that would be great for Nurse's Week. This brushed silver metal picture frame would make a great gift for any occasion, not just Nurse's Week. Another item that is always appreciated is a delicious box of chocolates. These are just a couple of promotional items that would be wonderful Nurse's Week appreciation gifts.

For more information about these items and other promotional items check us out at http://FarFromBoring.com or contact Samantha@http://FarFromBoring.com 561-999-9097

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April 06, 2006

Bull's Eye Targeting With Promotional Products

"Consumer-requested marketing: we really see it as the way things are moving," Matt Moog, CEO of Q Interactive told a Chicago Direct Marketing Expo audience recently.

He claimed that it is critical to segment your database of customers in order to target appropriate offers to the right consumer at the right life stage, citing as one case study Best Buy Co.'s use of customer profiles to remodel its 660 stores nationwide and boost per-store sales as customers felt more comfortable shopping there.

The same theory holds true for the products used as promotionals: the more relevant to the recipient, the more successful you'll be in terms of ROI and long-term loyalty.

If your school is represented at a writer's convention, for example, have standard trade show badge pouch notebooks ready for booth visitors. Each features a large back pocket, and opens up to a full size wallet with a notepad, a pen holder, a clear vinyl window and two small pockets and cord. It's a handy item for anyone at any type of conference, and will be referred to at home for business cards of interest and for information jotted down on the fly. Because the targeted recipients in this example are writers and/or academics—people who tend to keep writing material always close at hand—the TSBP notebook will likely be used for quite some time after the event.

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April 05, 2006

Build long-term brand loyalty with synergistic promotionals

A recent Business Week article announced the exclusive pizza partnership between Papa John's International and Six Flags nationwide theme parks. The alliance calls for Papa John's pizza to be sold at about 60 locations inside Six Flags' 29 theme parks, as well as joint Web and e-mail marketing initiatives and in-store promotions.

Together, Six Flags and Papa John's said they are aiming to reach new customers. During the summer season, Papa John's will display Six Flags advertisements on its boxes at restaurants within 100 miles of a theme park and will distribute promotional DVDs. At Six Flags theme parks, customers will receive Papa John's coupons and other promotional materials.

Long-term brand loyalty can be developed by both businesses here – get the kids when they're young, and they'll be back—with their moms and dads now, and with their own families down the road. Some promotional ideas that would work well here include a plastic kids' cup with lid. It's colorful, useful and long-lasting, with two imprint locations – very convenient when you're in synergistic mode.

Seatbelt pals are a somewhat more unique promotional product, and because they're safety related (and keep children entertained during car trips), parents will be suitably impressed too. Of course, the fact that the soft, plush animals are just so darn cute will make them a major hit with kids of all ages.

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April 04, 2006

Promo Products With Pizzazz!

Have you seen what they're doing in the Great White North? Pepsi-Cola Canada has collaborated with the Pizza Pizza restaurant chain, with a "Find the Flashing Can" contest and extensive marketing campaign.

A PMQcom article says that of more than two million specially made Pepsi cans (each a prize in itself), 305 have been fitted with a sensor device that produces an orange flash once the can is opened. Consumers who have been flashed win a Video iPod, valued at $379.

Pat Finelli, Vice-President of Marketing for Pizza Pizza, says "it's appropriate that Video iPods are the prizes that can be won during the contest, because they, in their own right, represent the advancement of technology in this particular field - just as the flashing Pepsi can is an excellent example of the use of technology in promotional contests."

In order to be memorable, promotional campaigns and products need to be unique in some way, with hi-tech fun prizes and give-aways certain to accomplish this goal. If you don't have Pepsi's marketing budget, not to worry: this affordable sleek Ace Line flashlight features an AM/FM radio with built-in speaker and safety siren.


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April 03, 2006

Token Promotions

There was a local write-up on the recent sixth business expo near Naples, Florida, which saw 600 visitors this year, with 58 vendors. Presented by the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce, the vendors were there for exposure and some "heavy-duty networking."

Exhibitors took time to see what fellow vendors were offering, and were of the opinion that the expo was well worth the cost, one saying visitor curiosity levels were higher than expected. Businesses representing local interests included beach resorts and spas, home product and boat distributors as well as catering and tourist services.

One businessman markets Silver Liberty coins, and says they're "already popular with tourists for their novelty and souvenir value." Some island merchants will honor the currency as cash, and can even purchase Silver Liberty money at a discount, "so they can make money giving change."

As a promotional product, tokens like the Junior Rounds, are one of the most cost effective because – unlike coupons or stamps – they're used over and over again. Virtually any retail business building traffic or rewarding repeat customers benefits from token based promotions.

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