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March 03, 2006

Work it or lose it: promotions get referrals

Jeff Hoang, creator and designer of ReferNet.net, an online networking site for real estate and financial services professionals, says "you don't get referrals off the bat. You have to really work the relationship."

Since referrals are the lifeblood of the industry, it's good advice to heed. And one proven method of "working the relationship" is to attend numerous real estate industry events and tradeshows, memorable promotional giveaways in hand.

A t-shirt may not sound like a resoundingly unique gift – but what about one that's shrink-wrapped to the shape of a house? The House Compressed Tee comes with a full color insert card to display your custom graphic (and company tagline below). Lightweight for shipping and carrying around to shows, the tees are made for long-lasting comfort from high-quality 100% cotton.

real estate promotional products

Another useful promotional item, for job or home use, is a key rock. These are plastic spare key holders shaped like rocks and are even easier than t-shirts to carry for distribution at industry events. Plus, they have guaranteed word-of-mouth advertising value: pet rocks are out; key rocks rock!

In a similar vein of useful but unusual is the plastic business card, with one end serrated so that it can serve as a miniature ice scraper. Great, inexpensive seasonal hand-outs that can last forever.

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