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March 30, 2006

Relevancy in Promotions

Just as in every other aspect of marketing, identifying the needs of the client and addressing those needs specifically with promotional products will bring the best response and the best long-term ROI.

In a Business Week article, Chris Baggott, co-founder and chief marketing officer of ExactTarget, an e-mail marketing firm based in Indianapolis, said:

…one of our clients is a small music promoter. They've done detailed analysis of their customers, so they know what music they like and what concerts they attend. I happen to be on their list, and I notice that I may not hear from them for months. Then, in the space of one week I may get two or three e-mails from them. But you know what? I open every one of them because I know they're targeting me specifically and they'll have something I will be interested in.

I go to a couple of shows off those e-mails every year that I probably otherwise would not attend, except for the fact that they're notifying me. So, those e-mails become very valuable to me.

So the message here is: make it meaningful and people will respond. If you're a garden supplies wholesaler, this simple flower pot-shaped key tag is an easily affordable promotional item. With your buyer's store information preprinted, the tag can be given to their customers by the retailers upon purchase.

Posted by farfromboring at March 30, 2006 11:52 AM