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March 17, 2006

Pet Shop Retailers and Care Providers: April is Your Promotional Month

April is a great promotional opportunity for anyone in the pet business, because it's National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. From veterinarians to retailers to breeders to pet product wholesalers and manufacturers, it's an important advertising occasion which should be taken full advantage of.

The theme, First Aid, can be applied in many directions, starting of course with first aid kits. Designed and approved by veterinarians, the kits are valued gifts for any pet owner. Another connection to the first aid theme would be education as to pet care, like Pet First Aid, a handbook and reference guide, or a more in-depth pet-specific reference book Cats For Dummies, which contains complete instructions for the care, feeding, behavior, grooming, health, and aging of cats.

Suppliers to animal shelters, zoos, animal hospitals and veterinarians may find that the well-stocked Redi-Medic with its 49 pieces might be a valuable promotional item, as it can serve medical professionals in transit or in the field in an emergency situation.

A successful marketing campaign needs to have its target audience carefully researched and just as carefully segmented (ie., pet owner vs pet care professional). In this way, the promotional product makes the most effective impact and you get the best return on your advertising dollar.

Posted by farfromboring at March 17, 2006 03:58 PM