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March 06, 2006

Mailing these Promotional Giveaways can Save Lives

Because direct mail response rates increase by some 400% with the use of promotional products, carefully considered giveaways should always be included. Health and safety—especially when kids are involved—are topics everyone's interested in, and promotional mailings that address these through giveaways are certain to create interest.

Affordable and useful, with a good branding value because they'll be placed where they can be seen easily and repeatedly, Babysitter Post-Ups for new residents and babysitters fit the bill. They're emergency mini-poster reference cards with ample space provided to list all the children's names, ages, doctor and medical information, along with important phone numbers for the mom, dad and other emergency contacts and services. Adhesive backing keeps the Post-Up in plain view and at a cost starting at 34 cents each, you just can't do better staying power for your advertising budget.

Similarly, Emergency Guide Post-Ups keep emergency and important phone numbers at hand, listing personal contacts, as well as police, fire, hospital, doctors and utility companies. Again the cost can't be beat and the view factor is high.

Guide wheels are simple to use (and easy to mail) and if you choose one with nutrition information, it's sure to be consulted frequently. Nutrition-by-the-Numbers is a guide wheel with choice of nutrition by the numbers information on various vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and counts of elements in 48 different foods groups.

Imprinted with a "We Care About You" message, any industry can potentially profit from using these promotional items.

Posted by farfromboring at March 6, 2006 12:00 PM