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March 23, 2006

Great Promotions Need to be Remembered

One of the largest regional tire distributors in the U.S., Reliable Tire is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and will kick off the year-long celebration on April 1, according to an article in Modern Tire Dealer. Aimed at over 4,000 dealers and their sales staffs, the promotions include giveaways ranging from cash, and Visa debit cards to apparel, tires, large-screen TVs, trips to races and a $50,000 premium SUV grand prize. National consumer promotions will be underway as well.

Sounds expensive, but Reliable's Chief Operating Officer David Long says it's worth it: “I know this year’s celebration events and promotions will capture the attention of many more dealers and help them to get acquainted with the great services and programs we offer.”

He's probably right. In a Bridgestone survey featured on ModernTireDealerCom, 60% of tire retailers agreed that incentives, such as a free bike, television or iPod, really help sell tires to their customers, and a further 20% agreed that the promotional products may not be the deciding factor, but certainly bring customers in.
The only problem with cash and other consumable incentives is that, well, they're consumable. Once they're gone, so is the memory of who gave the gift. Instead of debit cards, useful industry-related promotionals like a compact key chain tire gauge with light and extra-large easy-to-read LCD display might be money better spent.

Posted by farfromboring at March 23, 2006 01:49 PM