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March 30, 2006

Field Marketing: enhance the impact with promotions

There's a comprehensive article by Robert McLuhan on field marketing that's worth bookmarking. Running from the definition (a field marketer is a person who interacts with staff and customers to raise a brand's profile and win sales) to why field marketing should not be ignored (people like to deal with other people directly; word of mouth importance; easy to quantify results), McLuhan then addresses how to market in the field most effectively.

One method is by use of promotional items along with consumer education. He offers the example of a home printer manufacturer that sent field marketing staff into outlets where they took digital photos of shoppers. The pictures were printed out to demonstrate the quality of the home printer as well as to teach how to use memory cards. Finally, the "photos were framed and given to the shoppers as a lasting reminder. The result was a sales lift of nearly 35%, and goodwill was generated for the brand."


Other electronic consumer goods companies are using the same type of demonstrations with gift idea, but not always limiting their field marketing to retail outlets. For instance, "Panasonic [is] showing cameras and peripherals to European business travellers at airports."

A final reason to incorporate promotionals in your field marketing? "Industry figures showing that the awareness generated by experiential marketing lasts longer than other channels, decaying by only 5% a week, compared with 15% for TV advertising."

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