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February 22, 2006

Choose Promotional Products with WOM in Mind

Word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising cuts through the 76% of us who don't believe companies tell the truth in advertising.

There's a big proviso here though, as Brian Santo warns in his MultiChannel Merchant article "Have you heard about word of mouth?"

For your company or product to be considered WOM-worthy, it must meet two prerequisites. First, your customers must consider patronage of your company or use of your product a superior value. Second, your company or product must have a distinction relevant to the consumer. These conditions are nonnegotiable.

Applying these criteria for successful WOMing to promotional products, then, is simple:

• The promo items must be perceived by recipients to be of superior value

• The promo items must be perceived by recipients to be unique.

Okay, so what about a slinky? Would that fit the bill as a promotional product that might create some positive word-of-mouth about you and your company?


Sure – if it's a solid brass slinky and comes in its own custom wood presentation box, and there's a 3" x 3" photoplate on the box top for a message, a photo and company logo.

WOM is free in that you don't have to fork over cash – but it's painstakingly earned nonetheless. The payback? In spades.

Posted by farfromboring at February 22, 2006 03:36 PM