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December 30, 2005

Coffee Mugs for the Person on the GO!!!

Interested in a popular Promotional Item? Then try Coffee Mugs. With Farfromboring! Promotions offering thousands to choose from, a fantastic choice is this 16 oz. Insulated Travel mug available in 4 colors. Great looking with a clean stainless steel outer wall, and a black plastic liner, now is the time to purchase these inexpensive mugs. Other great features include a slide opening lid, and an easy to grip thumb molded handle. Specialty pricing and only a 7 day production time with your company logo makes this item too good to pass up!!!

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December 21, 2005

Multifunction Key Ring

Ever wonder how to make sure that your customers choose to use your promotional key ring above all the others they receive? Give them the Medallion Tool Kit/Key Ring. This multi-function key ring includes two Phillips-head and two flat-head screwdriver bits, making it an indispensable tool for just about anyone. The next time they fix their eyeglasses or otherwise save the day with their handy tool, they’ll be reminded of your company, and just maybe they’ll also be reminded to reorder those products they’ve been meaning to get to.

Medallion Tool Kit/Key Ring

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December 20, 2005

Executive Gifts

Let there "always" be light. And it will be with the Dynamo Self Charging Flashlight/FM Radio. What a perfect gift for auto, home & especially executives on the go. Its the perfect promotional item that will always make sure that you are never in the the dark, both with illumination and information. They are individually gift boxed for a great presentation.Dynamo Flashlight.bmp

Also check out other great promotional items at http://FarFromBoring.com

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Realtor Closing Gifts

Realtors: Are you looking for a unique and memorable closing gift? Then the House Embossed Etched Picture frame is the item for you!
House frame.bmp

Take a picture of the proud new home owners in front of their new house. Then put the picture in this frame that will also have your name and logo etched on the bottom of the frame. Any home owner would love to show off the picture commemorating this wonderful purchase. So, if you are looking for a great closing promotional item, then you can't go wrong with the House embossed picture frame.

You can check out other great Realtor promotional products at http://FarFromBoring.com.

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December 19, 2005

Business Shirts- Happy Customer


We received the business shirts. I wanted to express our thanks. They turned out great. I hope you have a great holiday!

Thanks again,

Tanya and Rich

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December 14, 2005

Promotional Pen/Stylus

Do you have clients that are getting weighed down by all the tools of a high-tech existence? Perhaps it's time for them to consolidate two of their most-used tools. Consider the Satellite Multi-Function Pen/Stylus as your next promotional gift. It combines a high quality ballpoint pen with a PDA stylus, and best of all, your company's logo will be in your customers' hands all day, every day. So the next time you are looking for a promotional pen, think of the one that will become THE essential tool for your modern-day customers.

Satellite Multi-Function Pen/Stylus
Satellite Pen Stylus.bmp

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December 13, 2005

Sports Series Promotional Pens

While searching for the perfect pen for promoting a clients Bowling alley, I came across the Sports Series Promotion Pen Collection. With an assortment of designs, including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and fishing, these are sure to please. These high quality products are offered in either stainless steel, gunmetal, nickel, silver, gold and the ever popular black. Whereas Promotional Products are an effective way to promote and market your company, these promotional pens are indispensable since they are used throughout the day.

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High Quality Promotional Pen

If you are looking for a high quality promotional pen, but don't have a huge budget, then the Millennium Collection Ballpoint is the pen for you. It is part of a collection, so you can follow up this pen with another item that coordinates with it. The series includes a ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, pencil, letter opener, or you can combine the items to create a striking set. Promotional pens land on desks all the time, but are seldom recognized. This pen definitely stands out and makes a great impression. It looks like a million bucks, but only costs a few.

Millenuim Pen.bmp

Millennium Pen

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Gemini Pen/Pencil Set - Promotional Pen and Pencil Set

My client was looking for a simple pen to give to an executive as a token of appreciation. While doing some research, we came across a pen and pencil set that would work well for his needs. The Gemini Pen/Pencil set is a great promotional item that is cost efficient. It is also an impressive presentation of dual sophistication and design. When thinking about using a pen, think outside the box and a pen/pencil set may be the best promotional product for your companies needs.


For more information on this Promotional Item Gemini Pen and Pencil Set

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USB Flash Drive with Laser Pointer

The latest in computer storage technology is one of the most unique promotional products found today. Not only is it ideal for trade shows, conferences and meetings, but it is also one of the most useful items for any multi-tasking professional.


You can copy your presentation material to the USB Flash Drive section, plug it into any computer's USB Port and use the other end as a high intensity laser pointer. The product comes in a variety of memory sizes to accommodate any type of presentation. The 3-in-1 jump drive, laser, and pen is a convenient tool for carrying your work fom home to office, or from meeting to meeting.

Many of our clients have used this item for their own promotions, and are so pleased with the perceived value, that they continually reorder for future promotions.

For more information on this jump drive/laser/pen

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Executive Promotional Gift

It's a "natural"!

Imagine a genuine rosewood pen set personalized with your logo. What a thoughtful gift and one that will be kept and remembered...at a price that's "un-natural".

This genuine rosewood pen set with its gift box offers a perceived value greater than its cost.

For the price of a single pen, you are presenting 3 gifts in 1 - pen, pencil, and gift box. Not only are you giving an item of quantity and quality, but one that shows value.

Rosewood Ballpoint Pen & Pencil Set

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December 05, 2005

Last Minute Crunch- Holiday Gift Buying

The Holiday gift buying season has been in full swing for the past month, but its not too late. There are still many wonderful items available to say "Happy Holidays!" to your loyal clients and employees. From food gifts to crystal, from teddy bears to wine, there are still a few days left to join your competitors in sending out wonderful holiday gifts. Please call us at 561-999-9097 and we would be happy to suggest some great holiday gifts.
Promotional Product - Calculator
Holiday Gifts-Chocolate

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Crystal Wine Stoppers For Holiday Gifts

Holiday gifts can be a creative way to show appreciation to your customers and employees. While working with Jill from Jet Turbine Services, we found that a crystal wine stopper would be a new and unique gift for the holidays.


Because this item is so unique and elegant, this is a product that an employee and client will cherish for a lifetime. Many people do not know that a product like this exists. There are many other crystal products that make great gifts. Contact us for more ideas on more unique gift ideas.

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December 02, 2005

Leave the Details To Us

Morning Karen ...
Received my order yesterday ... "Excellent Job" ... Very happy with the product ... You do good work ... Tks ...
I will highly recommend you / Farfromboring to others ... As I have done already ...Frank Paul.

This testimonial was sent by Frank Paul, Specialist in Cigar Roller Events. He contacted us, looking for pens to hand out to potential customers. I explained to him that leaving people with gifts is a great idea, but handing out a pen would be useless, unless it tied into his business in some way. I suggested he purchase pens, shaped and designed just like cigars. We also were able to gift box each pen in a beautiful wooden cigar box. It now tied into his business wonderfully, and is such a unique promotional item that customers will truly remember and appreciate.

If you have interest in promoting your business, and have no idea how to do so, contact us. We have a very creative team of promotional product advisors that can help create a unique successful promotion for your business. Leave the details up to us for your next project.

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