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July 11, 2005

Need some Unique Reasons to promote your business or product

Be Kind To Editors And Writers Month. Always one of our favorite months, “Be Kind To Editors And Writers Month” gives you the chance to show your appreciation to writers employed by your company or ones that help your business. Think stylish pens or pencils, notepads, desk accessories and more.

Fall Hat Month. Time to put away those sun visors and dig out something a little more sturdy. Try outfitting employees with felt or fabric hats in rich fall colors, or have a contest for best hat. Over 16,000 different hat styles are available through your promotional consultant; we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your needs.

September 1-7: National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. Each year, 20.6 million children are injured, with 22,000 of them dying from injury and 60,000 becoming permanently disabled. And these injuries rack up $347 billion in health care bills. The “As Safe As Possible Campaign” claims that 90% of unintentional injuries are preventable through proper education, simple detection and correction, so each year it sponsors National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. You can help your customers and employees reduce unintentional childhood injuries through educational materials and safety devices, such as reflectors, swim rings, bath-temperature gauges, electrical outlet covers and more. For more information, visit www.assafeaspossible.org.

September 6: Do It! Day (aka Fight Procrastination Day). Have a project that you just haven’t had the inspiration to start? How about vows of getting holiday shopping done early? No matter what you’re putting off, today’s the perfect day to get started. Help employees and customers do the same with funny or inspirational products.

September 19: Talk Like A Pirate Day. Ever since the hit movie Pirates of the Caribbean, it seems that pirates are enjoying a newfound popularity. Capitalize on it by planning a fun event featuring pirate-themed items like eye patches or plush parrots. Or how about a talk like a pirate contest where the winners get their own skull-and-crossbones foam hat or, even better, a treasure of gold-foil-covered chocolate coins?

September 22: American Business Women’s Day. Between 1950 and 1998 the percentage of women participating in the workforce jumped from 34% of all women in 1950 to 60% in 1998. Consequently, women’s visibility and influence at work has grown too. Use today to celebrate the history of working women and the contributions they’ve made.

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