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June 29, 2005

Trade Show Success - Staff is Key

Achieving your trade show objectives depends in large part on your show staff. You need to take just the right people and that may or may not be your top salespeople.
Show staffers need to be able to engage people quickly in a way that draws them into meaningful conversations. Staffers cannot approach show attendees the way they handle a typical sales call. And even though trade show attendees are usually looking for detailed information about products, a typical "how are you" greeting gives them the out to just smile and keep on walking.
After you choose you’re most people-oriented and high-energy staff spends some time training them. They need to develop and practice drawing people into conversations. They need to be deeply knowledgeable about your products and services so be sure your training covers all the products and services they would need to know about even if they aren't part of their normal sales.
Train them about your pre-show promotions and show giveaways.
Be sure to include them in the receiving of a few show giveaways, but use products specifically chosen to support sales incentives. Choose products that go with your show theme, the venue or your show goals.
In addition to pumping up staff before they go, fire them up right at the show with pillow gifts distributed in their hotel rooms. With over 1,000,000 promotional products to choose from, Farfromboring Promotions can help you find the perfect items for your next trade show giveaway or employee incentive

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