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June 27, 2005

Promotional Ringtone Cards

Prepaid cards and end-user brochures go a long way toward generating sales leads for clients.

Generating sales leads can be music to clients' ears. Literally. Just ask Mark Bruk, vice president of business development at CFS PrePaid Cards, Schaumburg, Ill. "Music download and cellular ringtone cards are the hot products of this year," he said.

Each of CFS PrePaid Cards' four-color custom cards includes directions on the back that direct the end-user to either a customer's Web site, a customized Web site or a generic Web site. Once on the site, the end-user enters a pin number, which is also located on the back of the card.

For the music download cards, end-users can download RealPlayer 10 for free and select from more than one million selections to burn to their computer. "They can then transfer the song using our Harmony Technology to their iPod or MP3 player," noted Bruk.


For the cellular ringtones cards, after choosing their carrier and phone model, end-users can select a ringtone from thousands of songs. The chosen ringtone is then sent to the end-user's phone, where it can be designated as the general ringtone or one for a certain caller.

But, when it comes to generating sales leads for clients, what is so appealing about cards for downloading music and ringtones? First, according to Bruk, these products target the young-adult market. "This is the goal of most marketers," he noted.

Second, the cards have universal appeal. "Everyone can enjoy free music, and there are more than 176 million cell phones in the United States, and the numbers are growing," he said. Bruk also pointed out that music changes daily, an absolute that creates constant demand.

And, finally, the cards provide more bang for the buck. "They have a recognizable value to the consumer but, for promotional purposes, are sold at a discount from the retail price," explained Bruk. "This allows customers to use a product that is similar to a gift card but has a greater value."

Just as there are many reasons why music and ringtones cards are ideal for generating sales leads, Bruk noted, there is also an array of target markets to which distributors can sell them. These include banks, which promote credit card applications, checking accounts and loans to college students; packaged goods companies, which are extremely cost-effective; the automobile industry for test drive applications; and online surveys, since the pin number can be e-mailed to the end-user when the survey is completed.

Phone and travel cards have also proven successful for CFS PrePaid Cards. "International cards that can be used to call from Iraq and Afghanistan to the United States are increasingly in demand as more companies are looking to support the troops," said Bruk.


Travel and entertainment cards are the ideal way to generate sales leads over an extended period of time. "Since the card can be used as often as desired at more than 140,000 hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, end-users keep the mini-billboards in their pockets for months," explained Bruk.


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