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June 20, 2005

Offline marketing for online businesses

June 21, 2005 --- “With the millions of online businesses out there these days, how do I stand out from the crowd?” I hear that at least once a week in my business at Farfromboring Promotions. The answer is simpler than you would expect. Do what so many brick and mortar businesses do, use promotional products. Give your clients something to remember. Not just your service, but a tangible thank you or a useful reminder of your existence. In my business we use many online services from hosting to software to e-mail and search engine optimization. We actually have so many online services that I forget what they are until I see my monthly Invoices or credit card bills. I don’t think these companies want me to remember them solely for the monthly shelling out of dough that I have been accustomed to paying. I find that even small gestures to your customer base and potential customers go a long way.

Recently I recommended to an online tropical fish store to include with their shipments a mouse pad that has a coral reef theme along with their logo, phone number and web address. Their average customer spends $100.00+ per transaction and commonly will shop around the internet for their aquarium needs. This promotional product has helped to bring repeat customers back to the site because when their customers sit down at their computer to buy, they are looking at a big advertisement just under their mouse. The next promotion on the roster is a water filled pen with a plastic tropical fish replica inside and of course the name, toll free number and the web site imprinted on the barrel. Another customer of ours in web services routinely sends out a monthly statement via e-mail and wanted to know how to get better response to their customer service surveys. We recommended offering a free wall calendar to those who e-mailed the survey back. The promotion was a hit and now their customers have a useful hanging advertisement in their office or at home that is seen 365 days a year.

Your budget, goals, and business will determine what promotional products will work for you, but whatever you choose it is always a good idea to reach your customers and potential customers with more than just a sales pitch or an invoice. On line advertising has becoming so crowded that it is hard to separate your companies valuable services or products from the next guys “Spectacular deal of the century”.

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Posted by farfromboring at June 20, 2005 04:29 PM