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June 29, 2005

Trade Show Success - Staff is Key

Achieving your trade show objectives depends in large part on your show staff. You need to take just the right people and that may or may not be your top salespeople.
Show staffers need to be able to engage people quickly in a way that draws them into meaningful conversations. Staffers cannot approach show attendees the way they handle a typical sales call. And even though trade show attendees are usually looking for detailed information about products, a typical "how are you" greeting gives them the out to just smile and keep on walking.
After you choose you’re most people-oriented and high-energy staff spends some time training them. They need to develop and practice drawing people into conversations. They need to be deeply knowledgeable about your products and services so be sure your training covers all the products and services they would need to know about even if they aren't part of their normal sales.
Train them about your pre-show promotions and show giveaways.
Be sure to include them in the receiving of a few show giveaways, but use products specifically chosen to support sales incentives. Choose products that go with your show theme, the venue or your show goals.
In addition to pumping up staff before they go, fire them up right at the show with pillow gifts distributed in their hotel rooms. With over 1,000,000 promotional products to choose from, Farfromboring Promotions can help you find the perfect items for your next trade show giveaway or employee incentive

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Don't forget the folks back home

There's more than sales staff involved in preparing for a trade show. How well you do at the show depends in part on many people involved in the preparation for a show and those involved in the follow-up afterwards.
Be sure to include them in the show gear up and distribute imprinted incentives to them as well. Treat them like the valuable members of the team that they are and you'll surely find greater success from your trade shows.

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June 28, 2005

If you hate when your pen leaks on your pants...

Switchback Pen - Pink

In the closed postion, our Switchback Pen is safe to carry. Just unfold the handle and the Switchback Pen is ready to write!

Pricing :
250 500 1000 2500

1.79 1.63 1.56 1.49 (4c)

Call Farfromboring 561-999-9097 for this or other Farfromboring promotional products to promote your business.

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This weeks special - June 28th

Don't miss this weeks promotional product special.


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The Magnetic Refrigerator Pen

The Magnetic Refrigerator Pen - Silver
The solid brass ballpoint pen with dual magnet power remains firmly fixed to all steel surfaces wth the magnetic power on both flat sides of the barrel!


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June 27, 2005

Real Estate - Phone card and Magnetic Phonecard

This is a great real estate promotional product to send out to prospects or your current or past customers.


Magnetic PhoneCard • PhoneCard Express® • 2 in 1! You get a Phonecard plus a Magnetic Business Card when you pull apart this full-size magnet! • Magnetic phonecard comes equipped with full magnetic backing and a tear off business card!

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Promotional Ringtone Cards

Prepaid cards and end-user brochures go a long way toward generating sales leads for clients.

Generating sales leads can be music to clients' ears. Literally. Just ask Mark Bruk, vice president of business development at CFS PrePaid Cards, Schaumburg, Ill. "Music download and cellular ringtone cards are the hot products of this year," he said.

Each of CFS PrePaid Cards' four-color custom cards includes directions on the back that direct the end-user to either a customer's Web site, a customized Web site or a generic Web site. Once on the site, the end-user enters a pin number, which is also located on the back of the card.

For the music download cards, end-users can download RealPlayer 10 for free and select from more than one million selections to burn to their computer. "They can then transfer the song using our Harmony Technology to their iPod or MP3 player," noted Bruk.


For the cellular ringtones cards, after choosing their carrier and phone model, end-users can select a ringtone from thousands of songs. The chosen ringtone is then sent to the end-user's phone, where it can be designated as the general ringtone or one for a certain caller.

But, when it comes to generating sales leads for clients, what is so appealing about cards for downloading music and ringtones? First, according to Bruk, these products target the young-adult market. "This is the goal of most marketers," he noted.

Second, the cards have universal appeal. "Everyone can enjoy free music, and there are more than 176 million cell phones in the United States, and the numbers are growing," he said. Bruk also pointed out that music changes daily, an absolute that creates constant demand.

And, finally, the cards provide more bang for the buck. "They have a recognizable value to the consumer but, for promotional purposes, are sold at a discount from the retail price," explained Bruk. "This allows customers to use a product that is similar to a gift card but has a greater value."

Just as there are many reasons why music and ringtones cards are ideal for generating sales leads, Bruk noted, there is also an array of target markets to which distributors can sell them. These include banks, which promote credit card applications, checking accounts and loans to college students; packaged goods companies, which are extremely cost-effective; the automobile industry for test drive applications; and online surveys, since the pin number can be e-mailed to the end-user when the survey is completed.

Phone and travel cards have also proven successful for CFS PrePaid Cards. "International cards that can be used to call from Iraq and Afghanistan to the United States are increasingly in demand as more companies are looking to support the troops," said Bruk.


Travel and entertainment cards are the ideal way to generate sales leads over an extended period of time. "Since the card can be used as often as desired at more than 140,000 hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, end-users keep the mini-billboards in their pockets for months," explained Bruk.


Call Farfromboing Promotions for this unique promotional product idea
561-999-9097 or email us at customer service

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June 23, 2005

Fairs, Festivals and Picnics

Engage potential customers. Build community good will. Increase awareness. There are many reasons for and benefits of holding community fairs, festivals and picnics.
Whether you sponsor it yourself or get other businesses to join in, there is an event that can work for you.
Think about who you are trying to reach. Then look at the options of what they are into and choose an activity or activities to center your event around.
Here are a few ideas. A Teddy Bear Fair can draw kids of all ages and their families. Invite children to bring along their favorite bear and perhaps one to donate to the local police department for calming children in a crisis or to children in the foster care system. You might even have someone on hand to repair tattered bears. Have other activities available for the kids to enjoy.
Another idea is a sports festival with various games for kids to try or a particular activity such as a skate board festival. Health fairs are popular with seniors, but are also getting the attention of not-quite-so-mature adults. There are limitless themes you could choose, just profile it to your audience.
Whatever theme you choose you can set up booths or stations for product samplings, demonstrations or "test drives" around the festival.
Attendance at the fair can be open to everyone or by invitation only. Again, it depends on your audience and your goals.
Be sure to include lots of imprinted giveaways, chosen for appropriateness to the theme, audience and impression you want participants to carry away with them (and share with others). With over 1,000,000 promotional products to choose from, Farfromboring Promotions has just the right promotion for your event.

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Make It A Date To Remember

Thousands of organizations and Presidential Proclamations set aside specific days, weeks and months for, political, cultural and historical events and causes. Many of these occasions offer you an opportunity to promote your business, organization or product.
August 14th is International Nagging Day
Create sales promotions around the nagging theme
• Since it is International Nagging Day, create a promotion centered around an appropriate typical nag for your intended recipients and have it translated into several different languages for example, if it's "honey, did you take the trash out yet?" you might use imprinted miniature trash cans. If it's "wash behind your ears" you might use imprinted wash cloths. If it's "Do your homework" you might use imprinted pencils in either normal size or giant size.
• Another approach might be to go right at the nagging theme. "I hate to nag you about your next order, so I'm letting my mother do it" and use an appropriate picture of a nagging looking mother on say a mouse pad or coffee mug. Or, maybe, "since it's International Nagging Day I didn't want you to feel left out." And fill in the nag that's appropriate to your audience and your goal for the promotion.
Some other August designations that might be of interest to you are:
National Inventor's Month
August 6th: National Fresh Breath Day
August 7th: National KidsDay
August 19th: National Aviation Day
August 21st: Poet's Day
September is National Baby Safety Month
Create consumer oriented or B2B promotions
• For B2B promotions use baby oriented items in a direct mail campaign geared toward letting clients and prospects know how safe their business is with your company or how you'll baby them or how you'll take care of their baby
• For consumer oriented businesses, draw traffic or potential customer attention with baby safety related items.
Some other September designations that might be of interest to you are:
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Month
Library Card Sign-Up Month
September 4th: Newspaper Carrier Day
September 11th: Patriot Day/Anniversary of Attack on America
September 17th: Citizenship Day
September 25th: Family Health and Fitness Day
September 27th: World Tourism Day
October 9th – 15th is Fire Prevention Week
• Team up with a local fire company to help them host an open house. Send imprinted pencils, fire hats, etc., home with local school children to announce it. Also use logoed giveaways at the event.
• Send out some type of miniature fire fighting equipment (maybe even just a miniature bucket) with sales copy touting how hot your products are that they might cause a fire.
• Create a direct mail campaign with imprinted items carrying your logo and fire prevention tips as a good will gesture
Some other designations for October that you might be interested in are:
National Crime Prevention Month
National Dental Hygiene Month
National Popcorn Poppin' Month
October 9th - 15th: National Metric Week
October 9th - 15th: National School Lunch Week
October 9th: Leif Erickson Day
October 15th: Sweetest Day
October 17th: National Boss Day

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June 21, 2005

Everyone loves receiving a card

Sending a card is a great way to stay in front of your clients and should be on the top of your list when deciding where to spend your promotions budget. Obviously, we want to wish all of our clients a warm Holiday Season and a happy New Year, but what about the rest of the year?


Business Promotional Holiday Cards

There are other holidays like the 4Th of July that can be a great way to reach out to clients during the long summer months or Thanksgiving which is a favorite to many. Let’s not forget a thank you card or a general customer appreciation campaign.


Thanksgiving Holiday Business Cards

Sending a card is an inexpensive way to let your customers know you are thinking of them and a promotional product that lets you say whatever you want without the limitations of having to fit it into a line or space designated for a logo only. So this year when you are thinking of a promotional item with a personal touch, think about sending a card. No matter what the occasion or reasons to reach out to your clients, everyone loves receiving a card.

View all Promotional Greeting and Holiday Cards

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June 20, 2005

Promotional Calendars

Calendars' high visibility and personal value help advertisers reap year-round profits.

Not a day goes by without most people taking a quick glance at a calendar. For this reason, among others, manufacturers say that calendars are one of the most valuable promotional items on the market today.

According to Mike McKew, sales manager at PlannerStore, Lewiston, Maine, visibility, the ability to be personalized and economic value make calendars the items of choice for advertisers. "Planners are in front of the customer 365 days a year, and personalizing them with a recepient's name usually adds value," he said. McKew added that when comparing unit costs of planners to the amount of time that they are viewed, "the cost per exposure is quite low."

"People usually ask for 'their' calendar, so it is clear that the repeat factor on calendars is better than most items," added Phil Martin, national sales manager at Warwick Publishing, St. Charles, Ill.

Gene Raltz, sales manager at Pacific Western Sales, Brea, Calif., said that calendar sales remain strong because of their pervasiveness. "Many suppliers are now venturing into the calendar arena due to the products' repeat nature, and we encourage distributors to do the same," he said.

McKew said that PlannerStore has seen an increase in calendar sales within recent years, due in part to the combining of brands. "Adding the Letts of London and Day-Timer brands to our existing lines now gives distributors a one-stop shop for dated products," he said.

Martin said that Warwick Publishing has seen "an up-tick in calendar sales as more salespeople rediscover the benefits of calendar advertising."
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As for calendars' usefulness within various markets, McKew said that virtually every market can use them. "With the variety of styles that we carry, there probably is no market that we cannot relate to and customize a planner to fit its needs," he said.

Along with advertising, manufacturers agreed that calendars can be used as giveaways, employee recognition items and greeting cards. "Our high-end planners in the Letts of London and Day-Timer lines are excellent for employee recognition gifts," McKew said. "The quality of the cover material, along with personalization options, makes them welcomed items."


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A New Day

As times change, so do calendars. "There are now magnetic calendars, calendars for computer monitors and keyboards, and calendars with a single page for each date," Raltz pointed out. "We even had a request for a smaller version of a desk calendar that would fit inside a woman's purse."

Raltz also noted that custom calendars are increasing in popularity. "Our new custom jewel case calendar can feature 12 pictures and is printed on card stock, then inserted into a CD jewel case," he explained.

Warwick Publishing's most popular calendars are pressure-sensitive; Pacific Western Sales gets the most requests for its wall-hanging appointment calendars; and the Sun Graphix professional planner is PlannerStore's top seller, according to the manufacturers.

While Martin said that Warwick Publishing's line of calendars has remained largely unchanged for more than 75 years, the company has "tweaked imprinting processes and sped up delivery times." In addition, he said that Warwick is venturing into multi-color printing and customization.


As for PlannerStore, McKew said that the company has added the renowned Farmers' Almanac to its product line this year. "The Farmers' Almanac will be a big hit with companies in the agricultural market and will also serve well as a handout for financial institutions."

By Cynthia T. Graham

Search for promotional calendars for your business

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Offline marketing for online businesses

June 21, 2005 --- “With the millions of online businesses out there these days, how do I stand out from the crowd?” I hear that at least once a week in my business at Farfromboring Promotions. The answer is simpler than you would expect. Do what so many brick and mortar businesses do, use promotional products. Give your clients something to remember. Not just your service, but a tangible thank you or a useful reminder of your existence. In my business we use many online services from hosting to software to e-mail and search engine optimization. We actually have so many online services that I forget what they are until I see my monthly Invoices or credit card bills. I don’t think these companies want me to remember them solely for the monthly shelling out of dough that I have been accustomed to paying. I find that even small gestures to your customer base and potential customers go a long way.

Recently I recommended to an online tropical fish store to include with their shipments a mouse pad that has a coral reef theme along with their logo, phone number and web address. Their average customer spends $100.00+ per transaction and commonly will shop around the internet for their aquarium needs. This promotional product has helped to bring repeat customers back to the site because when their customers sit down at their computer to buy, they are looking at a big advertisement just under their mouse. The next promotion on the roster is a water filled pen with a plastic tropical fish replica inside and of course the name, toll free number and the web site imprinted on the barrel. Another customer of ours in web services routinely sends out a monthly statement via e-mail and wanted to know how to get better response to their customer service surveys. We recommended offering a free wall calendar to those who e-mailed the survey back. The promotion was a hit and now their customers have a useful hanging advertisement in their office or at home that is seen 365 days a year.

Your budget, goals, and business will determine what promotional products will work for you, but whatever you choose it is always a good idea to reach your customers and potential customers with more than just a sales pitch or an invoice. On line advertising has becoming so crowded that it is hard to separate your companies valuable services or products from the next guys “Spectacular deal of the century”.

For promotional product ideas for your business or industry you can visit our new weblog at http://www.promotional-products-blog.com. We update our blog on a daily basis with product specials, articles, and insights on how to promote your business using promotional products. You can also visit or website at http://FarFromBoring.com or give us a call at 561-999-9097 and one of our helpful customer service agents can put together a promotional product package for your business today.

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Promotional Bike Bottles

Cool down this summer with this hot deal on promotional
water bottles!


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June 16, 2005

Give them a reason to smile - promotional cameras

A promotional camera is the perfect way to liven up the party, banquet, wedding, trip, or corporate event. Make your next promotion an event to remember by capturing it on film with your own promotional camera. These disposable cameras are an inexpensive way to make people smile.


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June 15, 2005

4th of July pride

Have a Farfromboring 4TH

Its that time of year to show our American pride. What a great opportunity to tie in a company promotion. Weather it’s a Red White and Blue Company picnic or a stars and stripes themed corporate promotion. The Fourth of July is one of the best times of year to show others how proud you are of your country, your company and your employees. Make this Fourth of July a summer celebration your customers will not soon forget. Weather you choose to have company Magnets made with your logo over an American flag or a beach cooler give away (red, white and blue of course) that every employee and customer would be proud to use all year long. Give Farfromboring Promotions a call and let us help you make this a 4th of July celebration/promotion your company, customers and you will remember all year long.


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June 10, 2005

Keytags are a popular and effective way to drive ad specialty messages.

Manufacturers say that because of the popularity of keytags, these items are an ideal—if not the ideal—promotional product. "Keytags provide one of the best ways for a company to promote its brand on a daily basis," said Jeff Schlesinger, president of Tracer Tags, Woodland Hills, Calif. "Most people carry loyalty or discount cards on their keychains that promote the brand each time the keys are used."

Anna Sun, general manager at Tonata Enterprise, Chino, Calif., agreed that keytags are an essential item, thus making them the promotional item of choice. "The end-user will be exposed to the logo on the keytag as frequently as he or she uses his or her keys," she noted. "This allows the brand to get ample exposure for the money."

Sun said that Tonata—which produces high-end metal keytags—has seen no significant increase or decrease in keytag sales, but that automotive, real estate and construction markets are generally interested in the product.

Schlesinger agreed. "Car dealerships, car rental agencies, pet stores, grocery stores and gyms are the largest markets that use keytags with loyalty incentives," he said. However, Schlesinger said that thinking outside the box is a great way to attract new markets. "Large video rental companies have shifted the way they are conducting business," he explained. "This has opened a window of opportunity for these companies to create loyalty incentive programs, and the use of keytags makes perfect sense for this new revolution."

Schlesinger, who maintains that keytags are an industry mainstay, said that Tracer Tags manufactures 30 mil., polyester-laminated keytags in any shape and size. "Keytag sales tend to fluctuate depending on the economy and the type of promotional campaign," he said. "The level of sales also depends on whether or not the keytags are adaptable to a variety of markets."

When asked about the challenges of manufacturing keytags, Schlesinger said that the technical details are most difficult. "Getting the right artwork and copy are always the most challenging design aspects," he said. "Some distributors have a hard time understanding that if they put garbage in, they will get garbage out. My first suggestion is to keep the wording simple and the brand visible."

For Tonata, Sun offered, "We are concerned about stiff industry competition, as well as the weak dollar," she said. "The decrease in the value of money usually indicates an increase in importing costs."

New Ideas

Schlesinger noted that recently, polyester laminates and laser-engraved plastics have developed. "These materials have become very popular among our customers because of their longevity," he said. He also noted that Tracer Tags currently manufactures keytags in polyester, metal, PVC, Styrene and polycarbonate.

Sun said that Tonata has implemented a new imprinting method using 3-D mirror etching. "The eye-catching etching process allows a logo to be shown in a shiny mirror finish on a satin silver background, giving it a 3-D, reflective look," she said.

Schlesinger also said that Tracer Tags has brought new meaning to lost-and-found and is using its keytags as a tracking device. "We specialize in registered identification tags that have a lost-and-found recovery service attached to them," he explained. The tags are registered free of charge on one of the company's Web sites (www.tracertags.com) and can be affixed to any item—including keys. If an item is lost, the finder contacts Tracer Tags, and the company's recovery team will provide the owner with the finder's contact information. "With more than one billion keys lost each year, automobile dealers, rental agencies and even the federal government have purchased the tags," he said. "The tags are good for seven years and are a great way to promote a brand while providing a service that end-users find valuable," Schlesinger added.

Sun offered this valuable imprinting advice. "Distributors should always recommend laser engraving, rather than screen printing, for metal keytags," she said. "Laser engraving will last the lifetime of the keytag."

Schlesinger advised distributors to be aware of design trends. "Pay close attention to key designs," he said. "This provides a glimpse at the future and may open up a new market." He said that Tracer Tags recently received an order for a small, self-adhesive keytag for an automobile dealer. "Most of the new electronic car keys are larger than standard keys, and people tend to carry them separately," Schlesinger explained. "The dealer was pleased with our keytag concept because it added value and security, and promoted the company all at the same time."

Schlesinger said that while he believes that keys will undergo an electronic revolution one day, there will always be a need for keytags. "I believe that in the future, a single key will be programmed to open the car, home and office, thus reducing the number of keys that we carry," he said. "However, I do not believe that it will completely eliminate the use of keytags as we know it."

Sun agreed that keytags are here to stay. "As long as there are keys, keytags will remain one of the most popular promotional items."

By Cynthia T. Graham

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Business Card Notebook - Promotional Product

We've got the solution for getting your business card noticed, getting your phone to ring, and for keeping your business card in front of your client for a long time! Your card won't get lost in a drawer or thrown away...Your client will use your card every day! And, they will show your Business Card Note Pad to others!

When was the last time you heard someone say? "I like your business card." Or "This is a really clever idea. Where did you get these?"

The Business Card Note Pad, by EMBA creates the all-important first impression to potential clients and customers. And...it's a first impression that lasts a long, long time!

Using your existing business card for the front of the note pad, we spiral bind your card to a 40-sheet pad with a calendar-at-a-glance on the back side. The note pad fits conveniently in purse, pocket, sun visor, or briefcase. It's a great place to jot down a phone number or a quick idea. Even in these days of electronic organizers, believe it or not, a piece of paper still comes in handy!

Great as a "giveaway" or as your business card itself!

What's involved?

We know what you're thinking! Whenever you hear about an innovative idea like this it somehow turns into a project far more complicated than organizing the Superbowl half-time show...with or without Janet Jackson! Your printer gets the wrong color specification or someone forgets to check your phone number and your clients end up calling some weirdo in Billings, Montana instead of you! Well...since your business cards are already printed, there's nothing that can go wrong!


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June 09, 2005

DVD Business Cards

What better way to promote your business then DVD business cards.


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More 4th of July Promotional products

Here are some more great promotional product ideas for the 4th of July.


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June 07, 2005

Promotional products help realtors distinguish themselves from the competition.

With an abundance of corporate and homegrown Realtors vying for properties in today's highly competitive and fast-paced real estate market, agents need to identify themselves in a way that truly distinguishes them from the competition. If the success of The Leslie Company—an Olathe, Kansas-based manufacturer that has been supplying the real estate industry for close to 30 years—is any indication, promotional products are one of the best advertising vehicles used for setting real estate agents apart. "Promotional products help give agents an identity and help their names be remembered down the road when a Realtor is needed," said Kendra Byrd, The Leslie Company's director of marketing.

Michelle Michelsen, marketing manager at Dard Products, Evanston, Ill., agreed. "To be successful in the real estate market, or any market, a company must have good brand recognition," she said. "In real estate, this brand recognition is your name, and the more your name is out there, the more it will be remembered, and the more likely your brand will be chosen in the home-buying process."

Magnets are some of the most effective products for ensuring brand recognition in the real estate industry. "Magnets that a real estate agent mails out will be thrown on refrigerators, and it could be months or years later, when homeowners are moving, that they see the magnets and call the agent," explained Byrd. "The name stuck in the homeowners' minds because they saw it each time they opened the refrigerator."

Dard Products, which attributes approximately 15 percent of its total sales to the real estate industry, has found unmatched success with its Pop Ads House Shape Magnets, selling more than 250,000 each year. "The real estate market is a traditional market," noted Michelsen. "Anything with a house or building motif works great."

Michelsen added that the House Shape Magnet is ideal for direct mail campaigns because it is both lightweight and flat. "Magnets hold favorite photos or important lists well into the future," she said. "The House Shape Magnet produces brand recognition (realtor's name) on top of mind when it comes to selling or buying real estate."

House and business card shapes are Realtors' top choice when it comes to Washington, Missouri-based Magnet's flat, flexible magnets. "Magnets hit a good price point for the agent, and are items that receive a great deal of exposure, last a long time and are seldom thrown away," said Darryl Haddox, vice president of sales.

Promotional products are key at each crucial stage of buying a home—from walking through potential properties to closing, which is arguably the most stressful element of the mortgage process. The Leslie Company's Portvelopes can ease the tension at settlement by allowing the agent to securely store all closing documents in one place. "This is a very functional and useful product, as well as one final lasting impression of the home-buyer's Realtor and overall experience," said Byrd.

Follow-up thank-yous are another major component of the realtor's return and referral business. Many agents use The Leslie Company's monthly pocket planners, which conveniently fit in a letter-sized envelope, as either thank-you gifts for customers post-closing or as giveaways during the holidays.

Repeat Business

Dard Products has received a lot of steady, repeat business in the real estate market, prompting it to add more house-shaped products, including a bank and a keychain with an LED light. "Our products are used primarily for advertising to new customers or keeping current ones," explained Michelsen. "Items can be used to thank people for their time and remind them to remember the agent when it comes time to buy, as well as recommend the agent to someone else who is selling or buying a home."

The majority of manufacturers agree that fluctuating mortgage rates, changes in the real estate market's dynamic and location of sale have no bearing on which promotional items will be successful in that industry. "Our products are office-related," explained Byrd. "We have a wide variety of products to accommodate any need that real estate companies might have, regardless of the state of the market or location."

In fact, The Leslie Company is constantly growing its real estate product line, either by enhancing existing items or introducing new ones, including calendar proportionals, vinyl Portvelopes, on-demand printing, and binders with index tabs or coil-bound books for internal meeting and training sessions. "All real estate agents must promote their businesses to gain new clients and keep a positive image to existing clients, but many of them are using generic products that they can find at any store," said Byrd. "Talking with agents, and showing and educating them on why Portvelopes, calendars and pocket folders will help them sell more houses, improves their credibility. Earning a higher commission will make a difference for distributors who are selling real estate products."
By Jennifer Hans

Farfromboring Promotions has a wealth of knowledge in real estate promotional products. Contact one of Farfromboring account managers 561-999-9097 for some great promotional products ideas.

Real Estate Promotional Magnet Call Farfromboring Promotions 561-999-9097 for this and 1,000's of other great ways to distinguish yourself from the other Realtors in your area.


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Hurricane season is approaching - Emergency Disaster Kits

Make sure your employees and customers are prepared for Hurricane season with these Emergency/Disaster Kits. These clever promotional items will not only promote your business but also show that you care about the well-being of your employees/customers.


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4th of July Promotional Products Idea


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June 06, 2005

Jersey Insulators - Promotional Products

Not only keep your customers cool and refreshed this summer but keep their beverages cool also. These Jersey insulators are a perfect way to advertise your company all around town and the beach. Give Farfromboring Promotions a call 561-999-9097 for this or other great promotional products.


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June 02, 2005

Trade Show Ideas


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June 01, 2005

USB PEN/THUMB FLASH DRIVES | Assembler, Lowest Nets

We will NOT be BEAT on Price and Deliverability by any


drive dimensions: 2.32" x .74"
maximum pad print area: .54" x 1.13"


Supplier to giant corporate disributors like Comp USA, PCMALL,Tiger Direct, and Dell.com

Call us today for this promotional product special 561-999-9097

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